La Révolte de la Ligne at Galerie Argentine, Paris | DUO EXHIBITION WITH JULIO LE PARC

April 3rd - May 11th, 2023

Pablo Reinoso is pleased to announce the duo exhibition La révolte de la ligne, with artist Julio Le Parc, which will take place at the Gallery of the Argentine Embassy from April 3 to May 11, 2023.

The first joint exhibition of the two artists, La révolte de la ligne, organized by curator Eduardo Carballido, seeks to weave links between their respective practices, between research, political reflection and experimentation. The exhibition brings together works from the Torsions series by Julio Le Parc and a selection of recent works by Pablo Reinoso, from the series "Spaghetti Benches", "Frames" and "Fire". Emblematic of the work of both artists, the selected works attest to their formal and conceptual preoccupations, to the tendency towards openness and experimentation that is specific to their approaches, as well as to their research methods, which aim to perpetually reconfigure the definition of the work.

To download the invitation to the opening of the exhibition, click here.

Pablo Reinoso et Julio Le Parc, March 2023